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The Supreme Court nominee ruled on an asylum appeal as a judge in the 7th Circuit. 

Reporting on medical abuses and medical neglect at a privately run ICE facility in Georgia.

Book review of Sonia Shah’s “The Next Great Migration”: Migration is not only a human fact but a biological one.

In which I write about presidents wearing baseball hats, cynical political theater, Richard II, the time I saw Fidel don a Cleveland Browns hat, and the importance of calling bullshit on patronizing executive garb.

A basic tenet of immunology is that we are all safer if we are all safe. That should be a basic tenet for politics as well. And yet, our empathy too often runs up against border walls and dies out.

I interview Carolyn Forché about empathy and politics, her 2019 memoir, and her first book of poetry in 17 years.

Biden’s plan for Central America — one of 28 “bold ideas” featured on his campaign website — dressed up in left-tilting rhetoric for primary season, harkens back to the same, often failing and sometimes flailing, strategies he espoused as vice president and as a senator.

An ancient concept, asylum has become just another political tool in the hands of our government.

Ronal fled his home after multiple death threats. He made it to the US, was locked in detention for 11 months, suffered two stints in solitary, was denied asylum, and deported. And then he was murdered.

My breaking story of Bloomberg cancelling the contract after I called his campaign. 

Borders have turned the American Southwest, the Mediterranean, and countless other areas of our world into unnecessary graveyards for migrants. It’s time for a new way.

In any context, the rewriting of another person’s story is a violation. For asylum-seekers, their story may be their only key to survival.

A QandA with Mexican novelist Emiliano Monge--on his Dantean vision of the plight of Central Americans in transit through Mexico.

Trump admin's latest practically cancels asylum protections for Central Americans, among others.

Force-feeding, physical abuse, solitary confinement--torturous conditions for asylum seekers in a prolonged standoff with ICE.

From Honduras to a hunger strike under a Tijuana bridge to a Border Patrol detention center--the extraordinary difficulty and danger of asking for asylum from the US.

Members of the migrant caravans, stranded in Tijuana, explain why they traveled thousands of miles from their homes.

A Border Patrol Whistleblower speaks out about the culture of abuse against migrants.

A father struggles to explain the trauma of his ongoing separation from his 5 year-old son. Link to El Faro here...

A primer on the movement trying to think beyond prisons as a tool to solve society’s problems.

A father’s struggle to be reunited with his daughter, separated by Trump’s zero-tolerance policy.

What would it take you, personally, to deny water to someone dying of thirst?

An HIV-Positive Gay Asylum Seeker Staged a 7-Day Hunger Strike in an ICE Detention Facility

Photographs capture the traces of violence that have plagued the US-Mexico border for generations.

“We don’t know very much about the Border Patrol, except that they are the most lawless, abusive, and unaccountable law enforcement agency in the country—we do know that.”

On using a loaded term for an overlooked tragedy: how the Border Patrol has caused a crisis of death and disappearance in the borderlands.

If you're scared for your life, persecuted by your government, or abused by your spouse, don't go to Atlanta.

Columbians weighing different fears: truth, war, justice, and peace.

A Modern Day Slave Rebellion - Inmates Across the Country Protest Forced Labor and Squalid Conditions

 The US Wants to Deport This Palestinian—but First It’d Have to Recognize Palestine

From a hill on the Mexican side you see the taunting red, white, and blue written in the steel of the roofline.

“He donned his holiday clothes, had his sister sing a canticle beginning ‘O happy day! holy joy!” and, his mind wholly deranged, his weapon, an ax, in hand, he executed his mother, his sister, and his young brother.”

Women's Textile Collective Carves Out Space of Safety and Power in Embattled Juarez Suburb

For Central American migrants, the journey through Mexico has become a gauntlet of violence at the hands of criminals, drug cartels, and even the authorities.

The message being sent by the U.S. government is that when frightened women and children come to America seeking sanctuary, we will imprison them

"There's a fire in the SHU and there's prisoners in there and they're saying that they're probably going to burn alive."

Thousands of migrants are stripped of belongings, security and dignity before being deported to unfamiliar streets

Our policies have helped trap these kids in poverty and violence. Now we want to shoot them at the border?

We need a world without borders, not more thugs patrolling them.

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